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Our Mission Is to provide the best and most complete aeronautical instruction team in the region because starting with the best foundation today leads to the highest demonstration of future abilities!

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Dan Marohn


Dan grew up in Plymouth, Indiana and first learned to fly at Plymouth Municipal (C65) in high school. He attended Southern Illinois University where he worked as a flight instructor and flew for Best Inns of America while earning a degree in Aviation Management. Soon after graduating in 1989, he was hired at Express Airlines 1 where he flew as a Jetstream 31 pilot and instructor. In 1993, Dan was selected by the 163rd Fighter Squadron in Fort Wayne, IN, for Air Force Undergraduate Pilot Training, Reese AFB, Lubbock, Texas. He left Lubbock in 1994 with newly pinned on Air Force wings and a new bride, Genie, and went on to Luke AFB to learn to fly the F-16. They returned to Ft Wayne where he became operational and was eventually hired as a full-time technician pilot. Dan’s military career ended in 2000 when he refused to take part in the anthrax vaccination program. Standing on his faith and principles, he testified before the House Government Reform Committee and, subsequently, was granted an Honorable Discharge, Convenience of the Air Force. During that tumultuous time, in 1999, he was hired at American Airlines and moved back to Plymouth, where he and Genie raised five children. Starting AlphaFlight with business-partner, Ken Norris, in 2018, came about through a series of events only possible through God's perfect timing and a leap of faith. Dan's mission is to bless, inspire and encourage others through his passion and experiences of flying over the past 36 years.

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Ken Norris


Aviator and Entrepeneur: Ken has primarily been in the automotive business for more than 16 years. He shares the joy of three children with his wife Sarah and resides in his hometown of Bremen, Indiana.
Ken has an elite degree in Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Prescott, AZ. He was a full time flight instructor with Purdue University and an American Eagle pilot on the ATR-42 and ATR-72 in the Caribbean Islands. After the 9/11 American Airlines layoffs he was suddenly unemployed and found himself pursuing two second passions. Automobiles and Business!
He is excited to be involved with AlphaFlight. It is an incredible opportunity for Ken to bring many years of success in business along side his passion for aviation. He credits his faith for providing the opportunities to lead with several companies and bringing outstanding people to his life.

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