Policies & Limitations


AlphaFlight’s goal is to provide the highest standard in training, safety, and experience. Each customer enrolled in flight training, regardless of which course they are enrolled in, will receive standardized and trackable instruction that can be reviewed and built upon by any flight instructor, anywhere and at any time. Each rental customer will be provided with an aircraft maintained to the highest airworthiness standards. This translates to a high-value experience for our customers.

To facilitate attaining these goals, AlphaFlight will do its part to provide well-maintained aircraft, highly trained and motivated instructors, flexibility in scheduling and outstanding customer service.

With all of that said, aviation is a dynamic animal—weather is constantly changing and unpredictable; machines with many moving parts will occasionally have maintenance issues, no matter how well maintained; and people vary in their skillsets—some taking longer, some shorter, to pick up the necessary proficiency required to progress to the next stage. These are all variables that AlphaFlight will do its best to mitigate and work around but, ultimately, cannot foresee, control or be held accountable for.

Payment & Refund Policy

At AlphaFlight we pledge to conduct our business with the highest moral and ethical standards—the “Golden Rule” applies.

Payment policy:
AlphaFlight offers several payment options for flight training, aircraft rental, and pilot supplies. Payments are due at the time of training or rental or at the time of purchase for goods. Clients may choose have a credit card on file or establish a prepayment account with charges deducted from those accounts at the conclusion of each training event, rental, or purchase of goods. AlphaFlight accepts payment by check, cash, and major credit cards. We do not allow a credit balance and reserve the right to refuse service until your balance is paid in-full.

Refund policy:
If a customer still carries a balance on their prepaid account at the end of their training course or if they wish to terminate training with AlphaFlight before course completion or, in the case of all other prepaid accounts, a balance remains and the customer wishes to terminate their account, all remaining funds left on the account will be refunded 100% to the customer and the account will be closed. All refunds will be made by check. If a prepaid account is inactive for a period of one year, AlphaFlight will attempt to contact the customer to determine the disposition of the account. If the customer does not reply after a period of six months, the balance of the account will be forfeited.

Privacy Policy

You give AlphaFlight explicit permission to collect the following data: Name, Email Address, phone, data handling selection, and any additional comments of the person filling out this form. AlphaFlight assumes that the person filling out the form is requesting for their data and their data only to be deleted or copied. Checking this box also ensures you give permission for AlphaFlight to access and use your data, and you also verify that you understand it will be used in the following ways: All of the aforementioned data to be collected by AlphaFlight will be used for the purpose of either (depending on the user’s selection) generating a complete copy of all data that AlphaFlight currently hold on that user, or to use in reference to delete all data AlphaFlight currently holds on the user. If you are a parent and you opt to delete your data, your students data will also be deleted, if you are opting to delete your data, the data from this submission will also be deleted and an email will be sent to you (the user) confirming the deletion of your data, your contact email and name will then be deleted from our data as well. The data submitted through this form is only accessible by specified AlphaFlight team-members responsible for processing this data, as well as the web-master of alphaflight.aero. The data will be stored securely on the site for a period long enough to process the data completely. This data will be processed in the United States of America. It is sent securely over an encrypted connection to alphaflight.aero’s servers, and a copy is sent through secure email to specified recipients. This and only this form will forward directly to the webmaster so that your request may be processed quickly and securely. Your data is processed and deleted, and none of the emails are forwarded to third parties. You may request a copy of, or to delete any data that AlphaFlight currently holds on you at any time by visiting our data request form at alphaflight.aero/data-management. By checking the box you also certify that you are at least 18 years of age or have explicit permission from a parent or guardian to complete this online form and agree to these terms.

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