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Careers In Aviation


At AlphaFlight, flying is our family business. Founded by Dan Marohn and his friend, Ken Norris, a Career airline pilot and entrepreneur, AlphaFlight offers a well-rounded, student-focused curriculum for aspiring pilots.


Each day, you’ll be welcomed by Jake Marohn, also a licensed ATP Pilot, along with his wife, Jodi, a licensed Private Pilot with Instrument Rating, and Airport Manager, Bill Sheley.


We’re committed to the highest levels of training for the next generation of professional pilots based on a tradition of aviation excellence and long-term mentorship.

How? We rely on a hybrid approach that includes proven training techniques from both civilian and military aviation, and modern technologies that motivate our staff and students to be the best.

Financing is available for those who qualify.


Our mission is to create the most compelling aviation company of the 21st century, with the ultimate goal of delivering the world’s top aviation training.

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