Redbird Simulator

Technology + Real-World Experience

Flying involves some risk. But it’s how we prepare to manage risks that makes us great pilots. When an emergency arises, and we’ve avoided harm, we can point to the many hours of training. And as flight deck technology like avionics advances,  you’ll want to be ready for what comes next.

We can help on both fronts. At AlphaFlight, we incorporate flight training hours in our Redbird Flight Simulator to help you boost your skills as a pilot, so you’re prepared for almost any scenario. You’ll also train on the latest in flight deck technology.

Simulator Benefits

Our Redbird Flight Simulator is an innovative training tool designed to increase your proficiency as a pilot. The Simulator is a necessary, yet fun complement to in-person flight training. Time spent in the simulator turns your practice into an enjoyable part of your training rather than another to-do on the list.

Controlled Environment

Conditions not right for flying? Need more time to learn a skill like slow flight or ILS approaches? Build on your existing knowledge and sharpen your skills with the virtual flight deck, all in a controlled setting.

Navigate No Matter the Weather

Several weather conditions can be simulated within one session. You’ll see how you react in the best of conditions. You’ll learn to make quick decisions so you’ll be ready if an emergency happens in real life.

Beyond the Flight Deck

You’ll get more information on important topics, then you can test your knowledge with a quiz or simulation.

Advanced Conditions

Improve your skills by learning to fly under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and Instrument Flight Rules (IFR).

Practice, Practice, Practice

Visualize real-life scenarios while sitting in the simulated flight deck. Your sessions are recorded to show you your progress and the areas where you might need improvement. Plus, training is maximized by the ability to freeze and reset.  This also translates to a cost advantage.

Get Started

At AlphaFlight we combine standardized instruction with real world experience backed by decades of flying for the military and for commercial airlines. Then we add in the advanced technology today’s pilots need to know about flight safety and problem solving.

Q & A.

Is there a separate fee for use of the Redbird Flight Simulator?

We incorporate the flight simulator into the costs for your career path.  However, additional simulator time may be purchased at our hourly rate. We’re happy to help you find the license or certification that’s right for you. Contact us today.

Can I train on the simulator without enrolling in a program to become a pilot?

While students enrolled in a pilot program enjoy priority scheduling, we encourage all pilots to utilize this valuable resource to stay proficient. Send us a message to inquire about a career path that’s right for you.