Private Pilot

Freedom of Flight

Whether for recreation or as a career, earning a Private Pilot License (PPL) takes you places! Enjoying the freedom of flight starts with choosing a flight school with superior training standards and a team of engaging and caring instructors focused on your success. AlphaFlight is the premiere aviation school to help you become the safest and most proficient private pilot. We pair industry curriculum with decades of combined military and commercial flight experience and our Symbiotic Aviation Assessment tool to help you excel in your aviation career.

Freedom to Choose

Avoid the slow-winding airport lines and get yourself to your destination with a Private Pilot’s License (PPL)! Earning your PPL gives you the freedom to whisk yourself – and family and
friends – off for a quick weekend getaway. Heading to a meeting out of town? Get there faster by renting a plane or even flying your own aircraft.

Looking for a career in aviation? Earning your PPL is the first step. We invite you to discover the AlphaFlight difference.

Reach for the Horizon with an Instrument Rating

Having your Private Pilot’s License means you can fly in optimal weather conditions or under Visual Flight Rules (VFR). But why stop there? For greater flexibility in flying conditions, you can enhance your pilot skills by obtaining your Instrument Rating. The added Instrument Rating allows you to fly in low visibility conditions – known as Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) – and navigate busy and congested airspace better. From there you can take your training to the next level to become a Career Pilot.

Think of your PPL as the gateway toward realizing your dream of flying for fun or even becoming a Career Pilot or a Commercial Pilot. Either way it’s a passion that can only be enjoyed in the sky and one of the most rewarding decisions that lasts a lifetime.

Q & A.

Can I charge a passenger fee as a private pilot?

A Private Pilot’s License covers flying for personal and recreational use. Your license allows you to fly yourself and those closest to you at no cost. Your passengers cannot pay you to fly, but they are allowed to share in the costs.

How long does it take to earn a Private Pilot’s license?

There are several factors that could influence the length of time it takes you to earn your Private Pilot’s License. You are required to have a demonstrated proficiency of flight and knowledge application to pass an FAA checkride. As a Part 141 Flight School, the FAA requires a minimum of 35 flight hours. However, the national average for a new student to become proficient is between 50 to 60 flight hours. We offer a structured flight training environment and instructional mentors to help you succeed.

How much will my Private Pilot program training cost?

Our caring and dedicated team at AlphaFlight provides an outstanding, student-focused learning environment. We’re here to review the program and related costs in detail to help you make the best decision. Contact us now about flight training at AlphaFlight as well as financing options.

How does the Symbiotic Aviation Assessment help me prepare for my Private Pilot’s License?

Our training is not one dimensional. We pair an FAA-approved curriculum with our industry experience flying for commercial airlines and military fighter jets. Backed by that in-depth aviation knowledge, we know what airlines are looking for in new hires. The Symbiotic Aviation Assessment is incorporated into our process to give both the student and our AlphaFlight instructors a better idea of where we might direct your training, length of training and cost estimate for your training.

How do I get started?

Your first steps prior to enrollment with us are:

1. For Private Pilot students to obtain a 3rd Class Medical from a FAA approved Aviation Medical Examiner.

2. Complete the Symbiotic Aviation Assessment.

3. Interview with a member of our Flight Operations team, review our requirements for a successful training experience and answer any additional questions that you might have.