Commercial Pilot Certificate

Join an In-Demand Field

Earning your commercial pilot certificate requires a combination of education, training, flight experience and certifications. Once your AlphaFlight training is complete, you’ll be eligible to work in one of the hottest career fields today and get paid to do what you love — fly! You’ll be eligible to work for airlines, cargo companies, charter services and more, once you have met their minimum flight hour requirements.

Teaching from Real-World Experience

We know firsthand the level of quality today’s airlines are looking for. You’ll be trained and mentored by pilots, who combined have more than three decades of experience like our Co-Founder, Dan Marohn, who currently flies for American Airlines, and who flew fighter jets in the Air Force; and our General Manager, Jake Marohn, who flew for regional carrier, Republic Airlines, and served in the training department.

The Road to Certification

Our Commercial Pilot training provides an in-depth understanding of aerodynamics, aircraft systems, regulations, performance, and the required level of critical thinking skills. Additionally, tolerances in maintaining altitude, airspeed and heading are dialed in and advanced maneuvers are introduced. To become certified our students fly a Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) for a minimum of 10 hours.

Beyond the basics

Our caring and professional instructor team will help you develop exceptional flight skills, give you a deeper understanding of regulations, and learn decision making that will ensure the safety of carrying passengers and cargo for hire. We also firmly believe in honing your people skills that will help you connect with other pilots and aviation professionals.

AlphaFlight takes your flight training to the highest levels, and will set you on your path to becoming a commercial pilot who stands out above the rest. Contact us to continue your training today.

Q & A.

Is the complex endorsement part of the commercial pilot certificate training?

The commercial pilot certificate requires 10 hours of training in either a complex or a Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA). At AlphaFlight, we use a TAA to stay with a common fleet. The complex endorsement is given during the multi-engine course.

How many flight hours are needed to become a commercial pilot?

To be eligible for the commercial pilot certificate under Part 61, a pilot needs to log 250 hours of total time. Pilots training under AlphaFlight’s Part 141 program enjoy a reduced requirement to 190 hours due to the highly structured nature of the course.