Invest in Your Future

If you’re considering flight training with AlphaFlight, we want you to be confident in the value and investment that you’re making in your future. When you enroll we’ll prepare cost details and a personalized payment plan for the license or certification you’re pursuing. 

Our top priority is to deliver top-quality aviation training. You can be confident that the expertise and knowledge that we share exceeds the FAA mandates and our students’ expectations.

A well-maintained aircraft

A flight training program, strategically designed for your needs

A highly qualified instructor


Hull and liability insurance

While money can help make your dreams possible, education guarantees that your dreams are attainable.

Our Lending Partner

Stratus Financial

If you’re enrolling in long-term training, such as the Career Pilot program, you may want to consider a third-party partner for loan options if you are not prepared to pay out of pocket.

Contact Stratus Financial to learn more and apply for a loan online or call 855-301-3335 for more information.

We’ve partnered with Stratus Financial for loan and training support. Stratus Financial offers:

  • Excellent Rates
  • Full financing for your flight training
  • Affordable payment options, including a 12-month deferment, if necessary
  • No penalties if the loan is paid in full ahead of time
  • Resources like career counseling, resume editing, conversations with active pilots about the hiring process and working conditions

Q & A.

What is Your Preferred Method of Payment?

Our students have the option to pay via cash, check or credit card. You can pay up front for all costs or pay as you go and get invoiced after your flight and/or ground lesson is complete.

Do You Accept 529 Education Plans?

Contact us for more details about applying these education savings plans to flight training expenses.